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As a company, Ryan Wholesale remains invested in ongoing humanitarian projects.  Most of our efforts are focused on developing sustainable small businesses & other humanitarian projects in under developed and emerging economies, partnering with NGO’s such as SRS Global Resources, Inc. Examples of partnership projects: setting up greenhouses to assist in sustainable living setting up metal fabrication shops as a sustainable business training of indigenous people in basic business best practices volunteering to assist in “special” olympics type events for the disabled contributing material, time, and expertise to building a rehabilitation center for the disabled Currently, we are experimenting with small and medium scale Aquaponics systems at our Florence, Texas plant, that we hope will provide both a sustainable food supply and the opportunity to produce food for resale these focus areas.  Look for updates on current projects in our blog! If you’d like to be a part of this effort, go on one the trips to these areas, or make a tax decutible gift, email Doug from the Team page.
Community Involvement