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Timber Trusses
For the past 20 years, Ryan Wholesale has been designing, engineering and manufacturing exposed heavy timber trusses for luxury homes and commercial projects.  Whether a mid-level, or high end custom home, our craftsmen can create a beautiful exposed timber truss system that you will enjoy and take pride in for the life of your home.  Using the finest timbers available, we create each truss as if it were destined for our own home - if we wouldn’t want it in our home, we don’t want it in yours either.  Beyond creating a warm invitation to owners and visitors, timber trusses are an attractive feature that sets your home apart and increases it’s value and saleability.  Whatever style you favor, whether Craftsman, Contemporary, Texas Ranch, Tuscan, or a style that’s all your own, our team will work to make sure you have exactly what you want in your home or project. We carefully choose the geographic areas our timbers are logged from and specify grades and characteristics that will give our timber trusses, timbers and beams the stability and enduring beauty you expect and deserve from your investment.  We never base the purchase of our raw timber inventory on price, but you’ll find that our finished product is competitive with any other timber truss manufacturer in the country. As we assist you in the design stage, we make certain that any timber truss requiring structural loading will carry the designed loads. Our licensed engineer can provide sealed engineered shop drawings when required. Once a design has been developed, we work closely with the builder, and architect to make sure that all aspects of the project will integrate with the design and function of the timber trusses - it’s much easier and less expensive for everyone if problems are solved before any assembly or framing has begun.  Ryan Wholesale will be your ally in assuring your residential or commercial project goes as smoothly as possible when it comes to timber truss integration.
mortise and tenon timber truss with curved braces Mortise and tenon douglas fir timber trusses