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Better Than Barnwood ®
10 reasons why our reproduction barnwood is Better Than Barnwood! 1. All of our barn wood is Inland cedar (real barn wood is commonly fir, pine or whatever wood was available at the time of construction and is usually nearing the end of its life as a siding material when salvaged). 2. Our product is free of hazards such as lead (paint) and arsenic (pesticide). 3. It is free of debris such as dirt and hidden nails. 4. It can be purchased in standard dimensions to minimize waste and cost. 5. It is color consistent in large quantities (real barn wood is limited in quantities with consistent color). 6. It has a low waste factor of about 10% (real barn wood comes in existing sizes and  waste factor of up to 50%). 7. It can be milled to any standard profile prior to color. 8. All colors are “reactive” and require little to no maintenance. 9. All colors have a natural non-toxic mold and mildew resistance. 10. Lead times on orders are 6 to 8 weeks and can be scheduled into a construction timeline. Better Than Barnwood ® is intended to replicate real barn wood and is a treated product, not finished. Just like real barn wood, it will darken when wet and lighten back to color when dry. If a finish is desired on interior surfaces, we can make recommendations. However most real barn wood is left raw on installations and ours should be as well. It is important to remember that this product is rustic and made to replicate barn wood, not a common manufactured, pre- finished material. On exterior applications, this product is intended to be left to naturally weather and to be virtually maintenance free. If a water proofing finish is desired, we sell our “Natural” and “Rustic Natural” and recommend people use Cabots oil stains for an exterior sealer. Whenever finishing exterior wood, expect to recoat finished areas with the most exposure to the elements every 2 to 5 years.  For an external link to the manufacturer, take a look here and in our Better Than Barnwood Gallery Page for more photos of this amazing alternative to reclaimed barn wood.
better tham barnwood - barn red