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T&G ceilings and Patterns - What You Need to Know
Tongue & Groove 1” and 2” lumber can be a great way to finish out a room or an outdoor living area.  Here are some tips that can really help you save money and get the look that you want. When to use 2x6 T&G o 2x6 T&G in either Douglas Fir or Southern Pine typically comes in 3 grades: #2, #1, (Yellow Pine and Fir), & “D” grade (Fir) o Any of these grades can carry typical roof loading over approximately a 7½’ free-span.  This means that you can put these products directly over your timber framing providing both the roof decking and a finished T&G wood ceiling.  There can be significant savings and simplicity of framing by employing 2x6 T&G in appropriate cases. o A good quality #2 2x6 can cost 30% less than a “D” grade 1x6 T&G.  Combined with the savings on framing, you can see how this could easily save on your project. Picking the right species of 1x6 for your project: o This is mostly a matter of personal choice based on appearance, because most of the products available in 1x6 T&G are roughly the same price (within 10-15% of each other) 1x6 STK (Standard Tight Knot Cedar) - Many visible, tight knots 1x6 “D” Grade Southern Pine - Virtually clear of any knots and defects 1x6 “D” Grade Douglas Fir - Virtually clear of any knots and defects 1x6 #2 Common Cypress - Moderate number of mostly tight knots o Stability (shrinkage, cupping, crook, twist) Most shrinkage issues are due to improper Kiln Drying, which is essential for a T&G product Of the 4 species mentioned above, Cypress is the most difficult to dry, and thus has a higher incidence of shrinkage issues.  We are very careful about the Cypress mills we purchase from, making sure that the drying process is thorough. Yellow pine has a greater tendency to have crook and twist Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar tend to be the most stable, with Fir offering better nail holding ability. o Higher grades are available in most of these species, but the cost will more than double 1n most cases with .
D Grade Douglas Fir 2x6 T&G