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Timber Trusses - What You Need to Know
Ryan Wholesale was one of the first (if not THE first) company to offer prefabricated, structural timbers trusses delivered to the job site with sealed engineered drawings.  We’ve learned a lot in the 20 years that followed. Quality Timbers are the basis for a quality truss o While we will build trusses from almost any species (including antique and reclaimed timbers, cedar and oak), almost all of the trusses pictured on this site are made from Douglas Fir. Stability, consistency, strength, stain taking ability, knot structure and make this a perfect wood for timber trusses The grading specifications we insist upon for our timbers are an assurance that our trusses will maintain their beauty and strength for the life of your home. o Highly skilled craftsmen and quality wood working equipment assure a beautiful, functional truss. Each team that works on a truss is led by a skilled truss builder, checking for any issues that might affect the appearance or integrity of the truss system. We spare no expense when it come to tools used to make mortise and tenon connections, smooth, accurate timber cuts, quality steel gusset plates, etc - again, quality on the from end insures a great trouble free product. o Quality Control - If you want something done right, do it “in house”.  We have a complete line of milling and manufacturing equipment including saw mills that can process timbers up to 22”x24” and up to 40’ in length, large timber planers (up to 24” wide), highly specialized saws for cutting details and intricate connections, CAD services, and even a CNC plasma table for precision cutting steel gusset plates for trusses requiring steel plate connections. o Engineering We don’t use a computer program with “engineering” capabilities, we have a licensed structural engineer that reviews and designs specifically for each truss.  This allows us to work around many designs that might not otherwise be approved for roof loading, and also gives us the ability to fine tune connections for appearance.
Mortise and tenon timber truss with curved webs