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When it comes to chosing the right species, grade, and characteristics of timbers, our 20 years of experience working with species such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cypress, Pine and even Antique Reclaimed or Salvage timbers, assure the end result you want.  Some species, grades and characteristics work better in one project versus another, and produce one “look” versus another.  Our top team members collectively have over 100 years of industry knowledge and will gladly share their expertise.  If you have questions about timbers for your project, give us a call! We carefully choose the geographic areas our timbers are logged from and specify grades and characteristics that give our timber trusses, timbers and beams the stability and enduring beauty you expect and deserve from your investment.  We never base the purchase of our raw timber inventory on price, but you’ll find that our finished product is competitive with any other timber supplier or manufacturer across the country. Ryan Wholesale’s sawmill and woodworkers have the capacity and skill to produce any texture or look you desire in your timber.  From Rough Sawn, S4S (Surfaced or Smooth on Four Sides), Hand Hewn, Distressed, Sand Blasted, and our proprietary “Aging” process can give you the look of salvaged timber while avoiding some of the problems normally associated with outfitting a project with real Antique Timbers. Take a look at our timbers in the Timber Truss and Timber section in our Gallery.
hand Hewn timbers and trusses Hand hewn beams and clear Douglas Fir ceiling