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Reclaimed Timber, Barn Wood (and faux finished reclaimed)

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We choose who we partner with very carefully to be as certain as we can that our inventory of these historic timbers have no active bug infestations, or other issues that can create headaches for all involved.  Click HERE for photos of our reclaimed timbers, lumber & sidings. Besides original patina timbers, we can manufacture these timbers into beautiful finished products such as Reclaimed Timber Trusses, Barn Wood Paneling and Ceilings, S4S Stair Treads, beautiful Antique Wood Table Tops and other furniture components. There are times when the span or engineering needs exceed the available sizes and lengths in Antique and Reclaimed timbers, and that is precisely why we developed an aging process for “new” Douglas Fir Timbers to make them appear old and reclaimed.  Take take a look in our Faux Reclaimed timber and barnwood page for more photos of these and other alternatives to reclaimed barn wood. We’re proud to distribute Better Than Barnwood ® sidings and paneling.  The cost, usable yield, available lengths and integrity of reclaimed barn wood can create incredibe frustration for builders, installers and homeowners.  This is a truly accurate rendition of aged barnwood, faux finished on Inland Cedar for a long, maintenance free life.  For more photos of this amazing product, visit our photo gallery Faux Reclaimed timber and barnwood page. 10 reasons why our reproduction barnwood is Better Than Barnwood! 1. All of our barn wood is Inland cedar (real barn wood is commonly fir, pine or whatever wood was available at the    time of construction and is usually nearing the end of its life as a siding material when salvaged). 2. Our product is free of hazards such as lead (paint) and arsenic (pesticide). 3. It is free of debris such as dirt and hidden nails. 4. It can be purchased in standard dimensions to minimize waste and cost. 5. It is color consistent in large quantities (real barn wood is limited in quantities with consistent color). 6. It has a low waste factor of about 10% (real barn wood comes in existing sizes and  waste factor of up to 50%). 7. It can be milled to any standard profile prior to color. 8. All colors are “reactive” and require little to no maintenance. 9. All colors have a natural non-toxic mold and mildew resistance. 10. Lead times on orders are 6 to 8 weeks and can be scheduled into a construction timeline.
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Ryan Wholesale keeps an inventory of antique and reclaimed timbers in a variety of species and finishes, including Douglas Fir, Long Leaf Yellow Pine, Antique Oak and mixed hardwoods.  Most orders of timber are sold as a mixed species of either hardwoods (like Oak & Pecan) or softwoods (like Fir and Pine).  The vast majority of what is available today is Douglas Fir, which usually has a dark brown to grey/black patina.  The typical hand chopped grey patina reclaimed barn wood timbers are usually a mix of hardwoods & softwoods.
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© 1995-2018 Ryan Wholesale, Inc.

Reclaimed Timber, Barn Wood

(and faux finished reclaimed)

Ryan Wholesale, Inc.
hand chopped aged timber hand chopped faux aged timber